Jednoduchý souborový CMS systém pro tvorbu prezentačních stránek.



FastCMS 0.4.14

Old IE browser check, user css for gallery, system messages.


FastCMS 0.4.12

Added backup/revert article file support


FastCMS 0.4.11

Better read/write functions, gallery module user css style, new message page, ...


FastCMS 0.4.9

Dynamics menu show admin link.


FastCMS 0.4.8

Clear filemanager cache function, switch profile fix.


FastCMS 0.4.7

Carousel fix + new config option.


FastCMS 0.4.6

More system info, new icons, modules headings added to configs.


FastCMS 0.4.5

Module as default page support, edit article redirect to saved page, small config change, minor code clean.


FastCMS 0.4.3

Filemanager paths are targeted to right profile - fix.

Fix filemanager path when no profile config is presented.

Search module fix, version and dump move from config, new icons, backup paths change


FastCMS 0.4

New profile system.  Each profile can have own look, configuration and content.